Payments for mechandize will be done by wire transfer directly to one of our bank accounts which we have within the 28 EU regions of any of the given EU memberstate in our Invoice or Contract. Your consignment will be shipped after the payment received in one of our bank accounts given in our signed Invoice, and to handle any misunderstanding between customer and sales after payment, please you contact us through email/phone.

Our payment terms of payment is strictly T/T basis. We do not accept Letter of Credit (L/C), Escrow OR Bank Guarantee.

Email us with the scanned proof of the payment from your bank once payment is done, so we can released your order/consignment immediately to be shipped. You are responsible for all bank transfer fees, shipping costs and insurance. We will ship your order once your payment is received.

There will be no shipment booking confirmation for your order/consignment until payment deposit are received in our account.


– In case of cancellation or dispute after payments, We do offer a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks for refund. Some refunds are 100% depending on the trading terms


We reserve the rights to refuse disclosure of some documentations as it might concern our suppliers information’s. It is one of our policies to protect our suppliers information.


We reserve the RIGHTS to cancel orders we are not satisfied with (Applicable to Minimum orders, delivery conflict ports etc) – We Reserve the RIGHTS to choose our Customers Respectively

For More Information Regarding our Terms and Conditions , Please kindly contact us for clarification.